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Several things have been going on behind the scenes at Munich Syndrome.


First up: Our studio, Syndrome Sounds has been reconfigured. As the Robotika sessions were nearing completion, several pieces of the aging equipment started misbehaving, before finally giving up the ghost. The main studio components were (well) beyond their life-span. During the writing sessions for Atmospherics and The World of Tomorrow, certain hacks were employed. As The World of Tomorrow was nearing completion, we had complete and total failure.


We are happy to report sessions for the next album (tentatively titled "Headspace") are progressing and we have several songs for consideration.


The World of Tomorrow!


The World of Tomorrow has been a labor of love and contains many autobiographical elements. While everyone always looks forward to tomorrow's world, we often don't realize it when it has arrived. With a hybrid-sound somewhere between Electro Pop and Robotika, The World of Tomorrow is an exuberant look back at nights spent in San Francisco.


New Merchandise!


The Munich Syndrome Merchandise store has been updated and refreshed. Along with classic designs from all of our earlier releases, we have expanded the offering to include a World of Tomorrow watch, necklaces, hoodies, mouse-pads, and even ties!


Atmospherics 1: Urbania


During the sessions for this album, the biggest failure we had was our audio input. While dealing with this, the opinion was to concentrate on an instrumental album (something that had been on the back burner for a while), and Urbania is the first in what we hope will be a series of instrumental albums.


Going forward....


Once the website is up and running, and the new releases are out, we're hoping to get back to the business of creating some videos to accompany the new releases, as well as continue on with our next release...


Check back for further updates!



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