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We've been working non-stop in the studio this past year, and have finished our latest release, Electro Pop 2. Originally titled, Electro Pop Too, we opted for the more conventional 2. 14 songs clocking in a hair over 75 minutes, the album ranges from synthpop, electro, dance, with some glam, new wave, and rock (and roll) thrown into the mix. No slow songs, this is an album to be played on the dance floor. The album is currently being mastered, and we will be posting ordering and release dates shortly. The track listing has shifted from earlier announcements and now consists of:

  1. Don't Fit In
  2. Suburbia
  3. New Wave Weekend (Juke Box Beat)
  4. Catastrophe Addict
  5. Glam
  6. Ghosts of the Dance Floor
  7. Lies
  8. Hard Luck Baby (Bye Bye)
  9. Everything is Fucked
  10. EVERYDAY!!!
  11. 2 Much Fun
  12. Electro Pop
  13. Rocket 2 Mars
  14. The Only Path


We hope you are looking forward to this release as much as we are!


Following the releases of Atmospherics 1: Urbania and The World of Tomorrow in 2016, we have three new albums in the pipeline. The first planned release will be "Electro Pop 2" (or, Electro Pop Too!), which we hope to complete and release before the end of the year. This will be a decidedly "pop" album. While it's still being recorded and mixed, current song titles are: Electro Pop, New Wave Weekend, 2 Much Fun, Lies, Spooky (not a cover), Ghosts of the Dance floorTake a Trip, Rocket 2 Mars, Catastrophe Addict and The Only Path.


Running concurrently in the studio is our next release: "Headspace (Atmospherics:2)", which will be a more introspective and atmospheric album, featuring understated electronica with mixed with some acoustic instruments and vocals. Some of the titles are: Disappear, Ghosts Part 1, Ghosts Part 2, Ghosts Part 3, Journey of a Lifetime, The Spice Trade, Lonely Planet, Beyond Eternity, The Last Doorway, and A Corner In Time.


Lastly, the third album in production is tentatively titled: "Industrial Design", and as the title may suggest, a harsher industrial electro sound. Some of the titles are: Blow Up (Your World), Is This the American DJ?, The Grind, Gothic Alchemy, and Hyper Loop.


The World of Tomorrow!


The World of Tomorrow has been a labor of love and contains many autobiographical elements. While everyone always looks forward to tomorrow's world, we often don't realize it when it has arrived. With a hybrid-sound somewhere between Electro Pop and Robotika, The World of Tomorrow is an exuberant look back at nights spent in San Francisco.


New Merchandise!


The Munich Syndrome Merchandise store has been updated and refreshed. Along with classic designs from all of our earlier releases, we have expanded the offering to include a World of Tomorrow watch, necklaces, hoodies, mouse-pads, and even ties!


Atmospherics 1: Urbania


During the sessions for this album, the biggest failure we had was our audio input. While dealing with this, the opinion was to concentrate on an instrumental album (something that had been on the back burner for a while), and Urbania is the first in what we hope will be a series of instrumental albums.





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